Paradores de Puerto Rico is brand created by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company to identify a network of small inns located outside the metropolitan area, administered by the distinctive warmth of Puerto Rican families,

who highlighted the history, gastronomy and cultural diversity of our island, while emphasizing the roots of Puerto Rican hospitality.

With locations in all corners and center of the island, you can explore Puerto Rico’s diverse landscapes and its many world-class attractions. See the map below.


The Paradores of Puerto Rico brand, currently has 13 properties around the island:


1. Boquemar

Boquerón, PR

Combate Beach Resort

2. Combate Beach Resort

Combate, PR

Costa del Mar

3. Costa del Mar

Yabucoa, PR

El Buen Café

4. El Buen Café

Hatillo, PR

El Faro

5. El Faro

Aguadilla, PR

Guánica 1929

6. Guánica 1929

Guánica, PR


7. MaunaCaribe

Maunabo, PR

Palmas de Lucía

8. Palmas de Lucía

Yabucoa, PR

Turtle Bay Inn

9. Turtle Bay Inn

La Parguera, PR

Villa Parguera

10. Villa Parguera

La Parguera, PR

Villas del Mar Hau

11. Villas del Mar Hau

Isabela, PR

Villas Sotomayor

12. Villas Sotomayor

Adjuntas, PR

Yunque Mar

13. Yunque Mar

Luquillo, PR

Explore True Puerto Rican Hospitality,

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