Enjoy a day with your friends and family on a picnic, dip in the pool, play some basketball and volleyball, eat a delicious BBQ or dance away with one of this fun-filled packages:

  • Picnic/Pool Party 
    • Use of the Gazebo and recreational area for 5 hours and a lifeguard*.
  • Barbecue (BBQ) ​
    • ​Use of the Gazebo and recreational area for 5 hours, barbecue (1 hamburger, 1 hotdog and 1 kabob per person), non-alcoholic open bar, and lifeguard*.
  • Disco Party ​
    • ​Space for 5 hours, host, cash bar and security.


Bar Options:

  • Cash Bar – No extra cost
    • Bar is setup with a Certified Bartender and stocked with the most popular brands. Each guest pays for their own drinks. ​
  • Non-Alcoholic ​Open Bar 
    • ​Unlimited bottled water, juice and sodas.
  • Open Bar (4 hours)
    • Unlimited Bacardi or Don Q rums, Stolichnaya vodka, Dewars White Label whiskey, Medalla and Coors Light beers, house wines, juices, sodas and water.
  • Premium Open Bar (​4 hours)
    • ​Bacardi or Don Q rums, Finlandia vodka, Johnnie Walker Black Label whiskey, Medalla, Coors Light, Heineken, Corona and Michelob Ultra beers, Xabores sangría, house wines, juices, sodas and water.
  • Corkage – Prices vary depending on beverages.
    • Organizer brings his own drinks and our bartender serves them, according to the prices below​​:
      • $5 per box of canned sodas.​
      • $5 per box of bottled water.
      • $5 per bottle of wine.
      • $10 per box of beer.
      • $10 per bottle of liquor.


Other Services:
  • Disc Jockey (DJ)
  • Audiovisual equipment (Microphone, speakers, projector and screen) – $75 per event
  • One-man band – 4 hours
  • Band (2-4 musicians) – 4 hours
  • Extra hour of use of venue – $100
  • Parking – $10 per vehicle

Taxes & Service charges:

Prices above are subject to sales tax of 11.5% and service fees of $18%.

*Lifeguards are required on all Pool Parties and have an extra cost per Lifeguard.