EcoSuite (2 Full Beds)

$115-200 / night

1-4 guests

Eco-friendly Room, Air Conditioning, Flat-screen TV with Satellite Programming,

Small Refrigerator, Microwave

Sleep easy with the knowledge that our hotel boasts investments of over $500,000 in eco-amicable process and technologies, designed to minimize environmental impacts. These EcoSuites accomodate from 2 and upto 4 guests. Energy Star appliances, local furniture and plenty of eco-friendly practices make these suites the perfect choice for the environmentally-conscious traveler. And with a 32” LED TV with satellite programming, air conditioning, microwave & small refrigerator, there’s everything you need for a relaxing stay – no comforts have been sacrificed in designing our eco-friendly suites. All EcoSuites are located in the second floor of our Main Complex.